No. 14 Caption me!

Picture 1:

Maybe travelling is a little pretentious; especially if you come back having ‘found yourself’ (by quitting your job) and start plastering blown up photos of your adventures on every available space. So, I guess I’m pretentious… quitting my job and looking at huge versions of ‘best day ever’ both make me insanely happy. There are worse things though,  I don’t vote for the BNP!

I’m sharing the joy, these images helped me tick no. 14 off the list. Give me some captions and guess where I took them, I’ll update this post with the best captions in a few weeks, so be original or thoughtful at least!


Picture 2:

Picture 3:


Picture 4:

Picture 5:


Picture 6:


Picture 8:

Picture 9:

IMG_7179 (2)

Picture 10:


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